About wood

We do not compromise on manufacturing in order to continue to hold ourselves to the highest quality the highest quality. To this end, all materials used in construction are thoroughly examined in-house. in-house.

It is largely the quality of our wood that determines the performance, strength and durability of the ski body.

The production of the basic core for Ogasaka ski starts with sawing and stacking the logs for 2 years for natural drying.Then, the wood will go through artificial drying for more than a month, and then we start processing the wood.

At Ogasaka Ski, we manufacture the wood core in our own factory to strict standards.

The wood we use has excellent vibration and strength characteristics, making it ideal for building your skis.

All our skis are built in Nagano, Japan

We spend a lot of time making sure that the base material does not expand or shrink during production. Since your skis will be made from the same shaft (base block), there is no difference in the hardness of your right or left ski or the way they bend. By using carefully selected wood in this way, Ogasaka is certainly one of the only brands that can ensure this part of the production.