A family adventure of more than a century

Origin of Japanese skiing

Major Theodor Edler von Lerch

Major Theodor Edler von Lerch, who came to Japan from Austria, taught skiing to the young officers of the 58th Takada Regiment in Takada, Takada Prefecture Niigata.

Kogasaka Ski Foundation

Established in Iiyama, the cradle of skiing in Nagano Prefecture, became the leading manufacturer of skis. Commissioned by Mr. Sasaki, the director of Iiyama High School, to Mr. Hamataro Kogasaka, a craftsman who produced and delivered 40 skis.


Development of plywood skis

Beginning of the development of racing skis (cross-country) in 5-ply plywood.


Fiberglass skis

Development, production and marketing of fiberglass skis.


Sapporo Olympic Games

Miyuki Furukawa, who uses Ogasaka skis, will participate in the alpine skiing events of the 11th Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo (Japan).

At the time of the Sapporo Olympics, he was a jack-of-all-trades representing the Japanese Alpine world and participated in three events: Slalom, Giant Slalom and Downhill.


Skis using Silica

Development of the production of skis using silica (silicon carbide fiber) for the first time in the world with sales limited to 1,000 units.

It has properties very close to diamond and therefore has an impressive hardness and thermal resistance to all tests.

1984 Triun ?

The Olympic Games of Sarajevo took place

Osamu Kodama, who uses skis Triun of Ogasaka, participates in the alpine event of the 14th Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo (Yugoslavia).



Launch of the 1st Ogasaka "Snow Across" snowboard.

Ski CHEDAR - X (alumina fiber)

Manufactured and marketed CHEDAR-X is the first in the world to use alumina fiber.


Freestyle skis

Development and marketing of "TR" skis for training and competition.


Skis using "FFU" core material

Development of the "UNITYC-VX" which adopted the FFU core for the first time.


The era of carving skiing

Ogasaka's Keo's, the first ski for carving.


Development of skis for beginners

Introduction of the YOIDON model, a ski 100% for beginners.


Development of a legendary ski

Development of the Vintage Longcruise model: a very high-end ski made of cherry wood among other things.


100 th anniversary of Ogasaka ski

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's founding, we will develop and sell "THE PREMIUM OGASAKA" limited to 200 units, which incorporates the latest technology in a retro shape reminiscent of the beginning of the ski era.


110 years after the creation of the brand

Development of the first showroom in France (Thônes-74).