FFS: Forward Float

The FFS system is a front rocker system, it interacts with the front steering function (FLF) to optimally distribute the ski's resistance on the snow. It creates a stable grip and trajectory in curves, regardless of the quality of the snow and the angle of the slope.

FLF : Forward derivation function

The FLP technology allows you to take more angle, and more easily than on a classic ski.
This technology increases edge grip and glide stability.

STB: Stabilizer

This feature precisely transfers the skier's vertical movement and power forward, reducing the vibrations received from the snow surface and allowing the skier to optimize stability.

PPF: Feeding platform functions

It is a system that improves the performance of the ski by incorporating an aluminum alloy in the center of the core and partially increasing the rigidity. The grip under your feet is greatly improved. It is placed above or below the core, depending on the structural properties of the ski.